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“All right Reggie, I’m here.  Now, what’s this surprise you have for me?”

“Keep your shirt on Archie, here it is.”  Taking a key out of his pocket he holds it up.

“A key?  I don’t get it what’s it go to?”

“This is the key to the best birthday present that you have ever had” said Reggie as he slowly twisted the key back and forth catching the light on the edges.

“OK, OK, so I’m curious already, are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?”

“Why don’t I show you instead?  Come on, follow me.”

With that he turned and without looking to see if Archie was following headed around the corner of good old Riverdale High and headed for the gym.  Instead of going in the main entrance he turned and walked around the back of the building and stopped at the maintenance door.

“This is it,” he said as he turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open.

“The gym?” asked Archie in disbelief.  “This may come as a surprise to you, but I’ve already seen the gym.”

“Not this view of it you haven’t” said Reggie as he moved through the door.

With a shrug, Archie followed his sometimes friend into the building and Reggie closed the door and locked it.  Then, without a word, he turned and walked down a hallway to his right with Archie a step behind.  They turned another corner and then climbed a flight of stairs to what looked to be some kind of old storage room.

“Keep your voice down from here on,” whispered Reggie, “do you know where we are right now?”

“Yeah, we’re in the gym, is this a test?”

“Specifically, we are directly over the girls locker room.”  Reggie smiled in the dim light and waited for a reaction, there wasn’t one.  “Look Arch, I know you’re a bit dense sometimes, but think about it a minute, I’m sure it will come to you.  Do you see those little lights coming up from the floor?  Those are holes, and by looking through those holes you can see right into the girls locker room and showers.”

Archie crawled over and puts his eye to one of the holes.  “Wow!  You’re right Reggie, you can see right in.  How did you find out about this.”

“The Janitor has been up here looking for years.  I found out about it and told him I’d blow the whistle unless he gave me a key.  Any minute now the bell is going to ring and the girls PE class is going to get out” Just then they heard a long ring and there was no longer any time for talk.

Into the locker room walked about 50 girls, sweaty from their work out and heading for their lockers.  Lockers were opened, towels were grabbed and the clothes started coming off.  Archie’s mouth hung open as he watched the girls undress.  All different shapes and sizes parading in front of him.  Blondes, brunettes, red-heads, big tits, small tits, medium tits, with big nipples, small nipples, puffy, flat, erect, lots of pussy hair, or little, and a couple with none at all.  I suppose, just about every guy has had a fantasy something like this at least once in his life, but this wasn’t a fantasy.  This was actually happening.  These were girls they went to school with, girls they saw every day in the hallways, most of whom they knew by name.  Both boys were speechless as the watched the procession of naked girls as they walked pass them and out of view.

Reggie whispered to Archie “Come over here.”  Archie followed him as he crawled down maybe 20 feet and put his eye to a different hole in the floor.  When Archie did likewise, he found himself looking directly into the girls shower room.  A long room with shower heads lining each wall.  It was actually almost identical to the showers in the guys’ locker room.  The difference was that each of these had a naked girl standing under it.  Heaven may be too strong a word, but Archie thought that this must be very close to it as he watched Midge soap up her large breasts, and the girl across from her, whom he had seen although he couldn’t remember her name at the moment, rubbing her soapy hands between her legs for what seemed a little long to be purely in the name of cleanliness.  He looked up at her face and his suspicion was confirmed.  Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, it was clear that she was not just washing herself.  He forced himself to breathe as he realized that he was watching a girl masturbate herself, and not only that, but she was doing it in front of a room full of other girls.  He looked around to see if any of the others noticed what she was doing, but if they did, they gave no indication.

It was a room full of naked skin.  Everywhere he looked were tits and pussies and asses.  One girl was facing away from him and as she bent over to wash her legs her ass cheeks opened up revealing not only her asshole, but also her hairless little pussy peeping out from underneath.  To say that he was excited may just be the understatement of the year.  To be more exact he felt like his dick was going to break right through his jeans and the floor that he was lying on.  He glanced over at Reggie and saw that he already had his pants opened and was stroking his dick as he looked down into the shower room.  Archie shrugged and released his own cock from its confinement, then returned his attention to the room below.  To his disappointment he saw that some of the girls were now leaving and the shower room was slowly clearing out.  He watched while, one by one, the girls left the room.  When the room was almost empty, something suddenly occurred to him.

“Hey Reggie,” he whispered.


“Aren’t Betty and Veronica suppose to be in this class?”

“Yeah, your right.  I wonder where they are?  I know they were at school today.”

Archie looked back down into the room and saw it mostly empty.  Quietly, he crawled back to the holes over the locker room and put his eye to one of them.  Some of the girls were already dressed and getting ready to leave, but some were still naked, drying themselves off or brushing their hair.  He saw the girl that had been masturbating in the shower.  She was just finishing drying off and he watched in amazement as she reached into her locker, pulled out her dress, slipped it on over her head, then closed he locker and left the room wearing neither bra nor panties.  He made a mental note to get to know that girl better.  Most of the girls were gone now.  Just a few stragglers left behind and he was just thinking that it might be a good time to get out of there when the door opened and Betty and Veronica walked it. 

Veronica was talking as they walked in.  “I can’t believe that she made us stay behind and do that.  You, maybe, but I’m Veronica Lodge.  Lodges are not accustomed to being treated in such a matter.”

“Lighten up Veronica.  We only had to run three laps, and after all, we were talking when we were suppose to be working.”

“Betty, you make me sick sometimes.  You really do.  How can you stand being so goody, goody all the time?”

“I’m not that goody, goody am I?”

Veronica gave her a look that that answered the question without words and just said, “come on, lets take a shower and get out of here.”

Archie could hardly contain his excitement.  The other girls were great, but these were the two that he most wanted to see.  He had dated both of them several times.  He had kissed and he had even felt them up, (over their clothes anyway) but that was the most he had ever managed.  And here they were undressing; finally he would see what he had fell asleep so many nights dreaming of.  His two favorite girls, naked as the day they were born.  He could hardly breathe as he watched them remove their gym shirts and shorts.  He was actually trembling as they took off their bras and panties and stood there for a moment completely naked.  Veronica’s tits were maybe a little bigger than Betty’s, but they were both beautiful, and the question of whether or not Betty was a natural blond was answered once and for all.  She was.  Only when they disappeared out of sight toward the showers did he look up to see Reggie also remove his eye from the hole next to him.  They almost tripped over each other trying to get back to the holes over the showers.

When they got there and looked down they saw the girls each standing under a showerhead directly across from each other.  They were speechless as they watched the girls wash themselves.  They washed their hair, their face, their tits, their stomach, their legs, and oh yes, their pussies.  They both seemed to pay extra close attention to getting that particular spot clean.

Then Veronica turned and said, “Betty, be a dear and get my back, would you?”

Betty stepped over, took the soap and started washing her friend’s back.  When it was all foamy she said; “there you go.”

“Thanks” Veronica turned and rinsed off in the stream of water.

Betty held the soap out to Veronica and said; “would you mind?”

“Not at all.  Turn around.”

Archie couldn’t believe he was watching this.  Not only was he watching two girls who he had some major lust for, naked in the shower, but they were actually touching each other.  Sure it was only their backs, but he had to take what he could get.  After all, if they were not going to go any further than second base with him, they aren’t going to do it with each other.  And just then, Veronica’s hand strayed off Betty’s back and rubbed across her ass.  ‘No.’ thought Archie ‘just my mind playing tricks on me.’  But as he watched, one minute Veronica’s hands were soaping Betty’s back and the next minute she reached both hands around and was rubbing her tits.

Betty pulled away.  “What are you doing Veronica!”

“Oh, come on Betty.  Haven’t you ever been curious?”

“Of course not!”

“Come on.  Not even a little bit?  Just a little curious what it would be like to be touched by another girl?”

“N…No” said Betty, but the slight hesitation was all Veronica needed to know she was not telling the truth.

“Sure you have.  It’s OK, I have too.”  She took a step toward Betty and put her hand on Betty’s arm.

“You know, no one is here.  We have the whole locker room to ourselves.  No one will ever know.”  With that, her other hand went once again to Betty’s breast.  Betty still looked hesitant, but this time she didn’t pull away.

“What if somebody walks in?”

“School is over.  Everyone is gone.  Nobody is going to come in.”  She turned Betty away from her and once again was massaging her tits from behind.  Betty was facing directly toward Archie.  He could see everything that was happening.  Veronica’s hands, still slightly soapy, were gliding over Betty’s tits.  Betty had her eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly.  When Veronica pinched both of her nipples and twisted lightly, a moan escaped from Betty’s lips and there was no longer any doubt that she would do whatever Veronica wanted.  Archie watched as first one hand, then the other, dropped off Betty’s breasts and onto her stomach.  He held his breath as they slid slowly down toward that little blond pussy that he had dreamed of so many nights.  And then her hands were there.  He lay there and watched his two favorite girls as one of them rubbed the pussy of the other.  And then he saw it, or rather didn’t see it, as one of Veronica’s fingers slipped into Betty’s cunt.  She pulled it out and then plunged it back again.  She seemed to be wiggling it around deep inside of her and Betty had given up any pretense of being quiet as her moans grew louder and louder.

Whether to keep her quiet, or for some other reason, Veronica turned Betty slightly and kissed her full on the mouth.  Far from objecting, Betty returned the kiss with enthusiasm, in fact, with at least as much enthusiasm as she had ever kissed him, and for the first time, Betty reached up and took one of Veronica’s large tits in her own hand and started rubbing it.  Veronica broke the kiss, leaned over and took one of Betty’s nipples in her mouth as Betty’s other hand reached around and grabbed Veronica’s ass.  Suddenly, they were both on the floor.  A blur of skin as their hands roamed over each others bodies and the water from the two showers ran off them and down the drain.  Veronica’s finger had, at some point, come out of Betty’s pussy, but she now replaced it with her mouth, and then, perhaps the most shocking thing that had happened so far came in the form of Betty’s voice saying; 

“That’s it Veronica.  Suck my cunt.  Suck it hard.” 

Archie didn’t even think that Betty knew what the word “cunt” meant, but here she was telling her friend to suck her off.  Then, even more shocking, she said, “turn around Veronica.  I want to taste you too, while you suck me.”

Veronica turned around and there they were.  Sucking each other off.  This was incredible.  Archie had heard of 69 of course.  He had dreamed about being involved in one, but watching his two best girls doing it was almost as good.  He had a perfect view of Betty’s blond pussy as Veronica, on top, licked her clit while moving a finger slowly in and out.  He couldn’t see what Betty was doing as well, but judging from the moans coming from Veronica, he decided that whatever it was, Veronica approved. 

Just then Veronica removed her face from Betty’s cunt long enough to yell, “Oh, God, I’m going to cum!”

Betty echoed her statement and a few seconds later they were both yelling loud enough to make anyone left in the building come running.  They lay there for only a few seconds when the sound of a door opening could be heard and a voice yelled out “Is anyone in here?”

They were both on their feet immediately and rinsing off under the shower when the gym teacher stuck her head in and said; “are you two still here?”

“Just finishing our showers ma’am.” Said Betty.

The teacher gave them a long suspicious look, but all she said was,  “well hurry up and finish.  I have to lock up and get out of here.”  Then she turned and walked from the room.

The girls looked at each other and smiled.  “Well, that was fun.” Said Veronica.

“Yes, it was.”  Said Betty, looking a little embarrassed now that it was over.

“We’ll have to try it again sometime”

“Yes.”  Said Betty.  “As long as no one ever finds out about it.”

“Of course not.”  Agreed Veronica. “No on will ever know.”  And with that they turned off their showers and left the room.

Above them Archie smiled to himself.  “I wouldn’t say no one girls.” Then he cussed softly to himself.  “Shit, we should have brought a camera or something, we’re complete idiots”

Archie glanced over at Reggie and saw him removing a tape from a camcorder that was set up in the corner.  “Oh, I wouldn’t say complete idiots.”  He tossed the tape to Archie who grabbed it out of the air.  “Happy birthday buddy.”

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