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>watch littlehottie182

After clicking the link that brings up the webcam you sit back to enjoy the show.  The screen shows littlehottie from the neck down, lying on a bed and you slide your eyes over her pert little tits and down to her pussy that she is rubbing furiously.  Her legs are spread and she has shaved her pubic hair so her mysteries are all open to you.  Your cock starts to stiffen in your pants as you watch her slide a finger back and forth over her clit and it really starts pressing against your zipper when she sticks two finger in her cute little cunt and starts fingerfucking herself.

You have the strangest feeling that you’ve seen this before but the cam says live.  Maybe you’ve seen her before but it’s hard to tell since you can’t even see her face.  You dismiss the thought as you enjoy the sight of her firm young tits bouncing on her chest as she continues to pump two fingers in and out of her pussy.

She takes her hand away and you are disappointed until another person walks into view.  It’s a young stud and although you can’t see his face either, you can see his cock, which is every bit as ready for action as your own.  He reaches out and moves the camera so that you have a nice view of her pussy with his cock poised at the entrance.  He presses in and you can see her pussy lips stretching to take it all.  Then he begins moving in and out as her body writhes around beneath him.

You imagine that it’s you fucking that tasty little piece of ass as you reach down and try to adjust your aching cock in your pants.  He’s really giving it to her now, her whole body is shaking and she grips the bedspread around her in two tight little fists.  That feeling that you’ve seen this before hits you again and you wonder just what it is that you find so familiar.

Then it hits you and your cock wilts in your pants like someone just dumped a bucket of ice water over you.  It’s not the scene that you recognize, it’s the room.  Hell, you ought to recognize it, you’re sitting not 50 feet from it at the moment.  As calmly as possible, you open your gun case and take out your shotgun.  Resisting the temptation to load it you open the door and step out.  As you walk down the hallway you wonder if all those perverts out there who are watching your precious daughter will enjoy the sight of that piece of shit pissing himself as you march him naked out onto your front lawn.

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