Awards and Competitions 

One of the main purposes of the newsletter is to help organize and report on community wide competitions and the yearly Erin awards. From announcements of the comps, to the list of entries, to the results with reviews and discussions of the various games themselves, the newsletter is there every step of the way, keeping us posted about the goings on in the AIF community. This is just a list of all those announcements in case you've ever wondered who won what when.

Description Issue PDF TXT
2004 Erin Nominees Announced Mar-05 PDF TXT
Special Edition Highlights of the 2004 Erin Awards Extra PDF TXT
Reflections on the Erins May-05 PDF TXT
CCAB Competition -- Results and Discussion Jul-05 PDF TXT
2005 Erins: Early Warning Sep-05 PDF TXT
2005 Erin Nominees Announced Jan-06 PDF TXT
2005 Erin Winners Announced Feb-06 PDF TXT
2006 AIF Mini-comp -- Rules Clarifications Mar-06 PDF TXT
2006 AIF Mini-comp Games Released Apr-06 PDF TXT
2006 AIF Mini-comp Results and Reviews May-06 PDF TXT
2006 Erin Nominees Announced Jan-07 PDF TXT
2006 Erin Winners Announced Feb-07 PDF TXT
2007 AIF Mini-comp -- Call for Entries Mar-07 PDF TXT
Entries to the Adult Non-Interactive Fiction Competition May-07 PDF TXT
2007 AIF Mini-comp -- Results and Reviews Jun-07 PDF TXT
2007 Erin Nominees Announced Dec-07 PDF TXT
2007 Erin Winners Announced Feb-08 PDF TXT
2008 AIF Mini-comp -- Call for Entries Mar-08 PDF TXT
2008 AIF Mini-comp -- Games Released Jun-08 PDF TXT
2008 AIF Mini-comp -- Results and Reviews Jul-08 PDF  TXT

Beat the Staff

This is a monthly feature, started in July 07 where the Inside Erin staff compete against anyone else in the community who wishes to submit an entry to write the best Adult NON-Interactive Fiction.  Each month a new theme is offered and the challenge is to write a story based on that theme.  It must be written as though it were a single cut-scene in a game and must start with the command that triggered it. It's a lot of fun and if you've been thinking about writing a game, this is a great way to test the waters and see something that you've written enjoyed by the community.

The issue listed is where you can read the entries for that theme.  If you would like to actually see the rules for any specific one you can usually find them in the previous month's issue.

Number Theme Entries Winner Issue PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #1 "5 Seconds" During the entire cut-scene only 5 seconds of 'game' time can elapse for the PC. 11 Purple Dragon
Jul-07 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #2 "X Chick" This is simply a description of any girl (or guy) like you were examining them in a game. 12 Paul Swift
Aug-07 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #3 "Watch" Simple enough, just write any voyeuristic scene that your dirty little mind can dream up. 9 A. Bomire
Oct-07 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #4 "Carlotta Champagne" This month the challenge was to write a cut-scene based on a real model. 4 Purple Dragon
Nov-07 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #5 "Strip" Write a cut-scene where the PC or an NPC either undresses or is undressed by someone else. 6 A. Bomire
Dec-07 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #6 "Go West Young Man" Only one criteria here, the player's command must be ">W" or ">go west." 5 A. Bomire
Jan-08 PDF TXT
Beat the Staff #7 "Sunbathing Chick" In IPCU, you counldn't do anything with the girl sunbathing on the lawn. Here are some posibilities of what might have happened.  The only entries receive were from the staff so there was no vote (and thus no winner) this month. 4 None Feb-08 PDF TXT

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