This is a list of all the interviews that have appeared in the newsletter. The interviews are listed chronologically and the person who conducted the interview is also given. The introduction section is taken from the beginning of each interview and gives a brief description of who the subject is.

I also included the "Erin Street" interviews at the end. These are interviews with various community members about their thoughts on what is going on in the AIF community.

Interview Subject Interviewed By Introduction Issue PDF TXT
NewKid Markaedw I am excited to present our inaugural interview. NewKid is one of the premier AIF authors, having written numerous classic games. He was kind enough sit down and answer a few questions, about himself, AIF and his games. I hope you learn as much from this as I have. Feb-05 PDF TXT
Lucilla Frost Markaedw This month I was looking on Google and there was a post about the lack of women and women oriented games, which got me thinking, "Why aren't there more games?" So I asked the only woman writer I could think of, Lucilla Frost creator of the popular "British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions, and no, I did not ask her about the hidden character. Mar-05 PDF TXT
A. Bomire Markaedw Last month when I thought about who I was going to interview, Bomire's name come up a lot, people were talking about how much he helped them write their games. I thought it would be interesting to learn a little the about the Guru of AIF. Apr-05 PDF TXT
One-Eyed-Jack A. Bomire At the closing of the recent 2004 AIF Awards ceremony ("Erins"), it was clear that the overwhelming winner was One-Eyed Jack for his latest installment in the popular Sam Shooter series: Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned. SSIV was nominated for 10 awards this year, and gathered i n 7 of them. This seemed like the perfect time to talk to the popular author. May-05 PDF TXT
Christopher Cole A. Ninny Christopher Cole has written more quality AIF than any other author. Some of his games, especially Camp Windy Lake (parts 1 and 2) and The Gamma Gals are often listed among AIF players' favorites. He has also collaborated on several very popular games, including Prom Night, Pool Party and Dear Brian. Jun-05 PDF TXT
Choices A. Ninny Our interview subject this month is Choices, acclaimed author of Dear Brian, Rogue Cop and Rogue Redux. Choices was awarded the Badman Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2003 Erins. Jul-05 PDF TXT
BBBen A. Ninny BBBen is the "Energizer Bunny" of AIF. Amazingly, he wrote six high-quality games last year and is tireless in promoting AIF and in providing new ideas and new content for the newsletter and for the community as a whole. I decided it was high time to find out just what makes him tick. Aug-05 PDF TXT
David Whyld A. Ninny This month we have a very interesting interview with David Whyld, one of the more outspoken and controversial authors in the community. We're grateful that he was willing to sit down and give us candid responses to our questions about his outspokenness and criticisms of AIF. Sep-05 PDF TXT
Adam Hendine A. Bomire This month I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing one the authors who were a big influence in my own game authorship style: Adam Hendine. Although he hasn't been that active in the AIF community in recent years, the three games he produced stand out as classics of the genre. Oct-05 PDF TXT
Rap A. Ninny This month we feature an interview that's a little different. We're talking to a significant community member who has never completed authoring an AIF game. Still, Rap's notoriously verbose soapboxing and consistent advise-giving to the community make him an interesting interview subject. We're pleased that he agreed to sit down and talk with us. Nov-05 PDF TXT
RootShell A. Ninny A post appeared on AGX recently inviting everyone to participate in a new IF reviews project. This project, entitled, was the brainchild of RootShell, an IF enthusiast who posted a request for input on the idea nearly a year ago. After a two-week flurry of discussion about the idea (see, which found most participants enthusiastically supportive, RootShell disappeared and began work. The new site, currently in a Beta state, is now up for review (if not use). I found it quite interesting that RootShell decided to include the complete catalog of AIF games and request participants submit reviews of our games as well. I had a conversation with RootShell about his project, and he has a lot to say about the genesis of the idea and where he sees it going. Here's my interview with him. Nov-05 PDF TXT
Scarlet Herring A. Bomire We're extremely pleased and honored to present our interview with Scarlet Herring, author of Moist, one of the community's all-time favorite games. Let's get right to it. Dec-05 PDF TXT
Orgun A. Ninny Back in June, Orgun wrote about persistent worlds in games, and how he is working on a totally new game development platform (called TSIE) in which persistent worlds will be a primary feature. I have some questions for you if you'd like to talk about how the platform will work, what totally new features it will provide, and how soon we might actually see it. My conversation with him was fairly lengthy -- this edition includes the first part. Dec-05 PDF TXT
Campbell Wild A. Ninny This month's interview features Campbell Wild, the creator of ADRIFT. We're very pleased he was able to sit down and talk with us. Jan-06 PDF TXT
GoddoG A. Ninny This month I interviewed GoddoG, long-time AIF community member and Erin-winning author of his very well-received first game Fever Cabin. He's also the creator of the comic strip "O Erin!" that appears twice each month in this newsletter. I talked to him about both projects. Mar-06 PDF TXT
Sly Dog A. Ninny Sly Old Dog (or Sly Dog) is one of the most prolific AIF authors, having composed over a dozen games. He's also one of the most controversial authors -- his releases are often followed by vociferous debate over the importance of technical cleanliness in AIF. We thought it would be interesting to talk to the author himself about the ruckus and get his take. Apr-06 PDF TXT
A. Ninny BBBen

A. Bomire

A. Ninny is the editor of this newsletter. He has written two games, Parlour came equal second in A. Bomire&rsquos 2004 mini-comp and won the 2004 Erin Award for &ldquoBest One-Night Stand Game&rdquo, while Sex Artist won the 2005 CCAB competition and received numerous Erin nominations. A. Ninny is a frequent beta tester and won the first Erin for &ldquoBest Beta-Tester&rdquo in 2005. He also ran the Erin Awards for 2004 and 2005 (and there&rsquos certainly no suggestion of impropriety there &ndash nothing at all about him tampering with the ballots... at least as far as I&rsquove heard) and he has just finished running the 2006 AIF mini-comp. He has also reviewed numerous games and has conducted many of the interviews in previous editions. This time we thought we&rsquod turn the metaphorical microphone around and ask a few questions of this silly ninny. May-06 PDF TXT
Johnny Freebase A. Ninny Johnny Freebase is a long-time AIF community member and author. His one game Stowaway is overshadowed by his excellent AIF 101, a tutorial for AIF authorship, which will be re-published here beginning this month. We&rsquore grateful that he was willing to sit down and answer some questions about himself. Jun-06 PDF TXT
Shadow Wolf A. Ninny This month we're featuring community member and AIF library programmer Shadow Wolf. Many thanks to him for participating in this interview. Jul-06 PDF TXT
Sir Gareth A. Bomire Our interview subject this month is Sir Gareth; a person more known for his work behind the scenes than for any games (although he did write a very well received game as well). I'd like to thank Sir Gareth for taking the time to answer my questions. Aug-06 PDF TXT
GoblinBoy A. Ninny This month's interview is with GoblinBoy, a new author this year who has released two games in relatively quick succession. We found he has a lot to say about his involvement in AIF. Sep-06 PDF TXT
Jimmy Maher A. Ninny This month I sat down and spoke with Jimmy Maher, the editor of SPAG (the Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games), an e-zine designed primarily to keep the gaming public aware of text adventures and other types of interactive narrative available today. It is published quarterly. Jimmy is also the author of Let's Tell a Story Together (A History of Interactive Fiction). Oct-06 PDF TXT
Amy A. Bomire With AIF being so predominantly male dominated, this month I wanted to try to get a female perspective, something we've missed since Lucilla Frost's interview over 18 months ago. Of course, being an author, I'm also interested in finding out what other authors have experienced in creating their own games. With that in mind, we here at "Inside Erin" are happy that Amy agreed to our request for an interview. Amy&rsquos one released game (Casting) was published under the pen name &ldquoFellatrix_UK&rdquo. Nov-06 PDF TXT
Mike Roberts A. Bomire This month, it is my tremendous pleasure to present an interview with Michael J. Roberts, author of the Text Adventure Development System - better known as TADS. TADS was first released in 1993, and has been going strong ever since. In the fall of 2006, Mike Roberts released TADS version 3. Mar-07 PDF TXT
Knight Errant A. Ninny AIF Community member Knight Errant contacted me recently asking to be interviewed for the newsletter. I agreed and anyone who wants to participate in an interview like this simply has to ask. Thanks to KE for his interest in participating and for his thoughtful answers to my questions. Mar-07 PDF TXT
David Welbourne A. Ninny This month we're pleased to present an interview with David Welbourn. David is one of the main editors of the IF Wiki and is a long-time IF enthusiast. We asked him about the Wiki and his thoughts on the state of IF in general. Apr-07 PDF TXT
Wayne McWilliamsPurple Dragon

This month I’m very happy to be able to talk to the author of WUZ. If you haven’t heard of it, I’m not terribly surprised since it was written in 1989, twenty years ago. Although not the first AIF game ever written, it is certainly one of the first. It is also the only one from that era that I know about where the author is still available. So on this, the twentieth anniversary of the game’s release, I’m pleased to welcome Mr. Wayne McWilliams.

Erin Street Interviews


A. Ninny We've heard quite a bit from a lot of AIF authors about what makes good AIF, and what should be happening in the community to promote AIF. But let's face it: a lot of people just want to play it, and we've heard very little from them to tell us how they feel about these questions. I decided that should change, so I grabbed a couple of AIF players by the elbow while they walked down the street and put a few questions to them.

This is the first in a series of brief player interviews that will appear in Inside Erin. This month, we thank Jon and T.E.W. for participating in the interview.

Aug-05 PDF TXT

Joe Zop



A. Ninny Another month of elbow-grabbing has come and gone, and I am pleased that I managed to snare four AIF players, shove my microphone in their faces and compel them to answer another bunch of questions about their AIF preferences and habits.

This is the second in a series of brief player interviews that will appear in Inside Erin. This month, we thank Goddog, Joe Zop, johnny5cents2003 and Mindtech for participating in the interview.

Sep-05 PDF TXT
Boss Hogg

The Dew

A. Necroignis

A. Ninny Welcome to Erin Street, where we interview AIF players and ask them their opinions about their favorite AIF games and issues facing the AIF community.

This is the third in a series of brief player interviews that will appear in Inside Erin. After this month, this feature will be on hiatus. We'll bring it back sometime in the future. This month, we thank Boss Hogg, The Dew and A. Necroignis for participating in the interview.

Oct-05 PDF TXT
E. Mann

Purple Dragon

Grimm Sharlak



A. Ninny This month, instead of featuring an interview with one significant AIF personality, we are going back out onto the street to talk to AIF players. Included in the Erins ballot was a request for voters to participate in a short interview about their votes and about AIF in general. I had time to interview a number of voters who expressed their willingness to be interviewed; five of those people provided their responses. Several others also indicated they wanted to be interviewed, and I apologize that I didn't have time to follow up with them and send them questions.

I thank E. Mann, Purple Dragon, Grimm Sharlak, Faraday and Stephan for their time and attention to their answers.

Feb-06 PDF TXT
Grimm Sharlak


Vitreous Humor

Tiggle Winkle



Purple Dragon


A. Bomire This month's "Erin Street Interview" comes from members of our community who voted in the Erin Awards balloting process. On the ballot was a check box asking for volunteers to be interviewed. The following represents the responses from some of these volunteers. I'd like thank all of them for taking part in this. Feb-07 PDF TXT



A. Ninny This month we venture back out into the community to see what's on the minds of players and potential authors. This month we're pleased to have had thoughtful discussions on a variety of subjects with Nimdok, Sphynx and peterson9803. Oct-07 PDF TXT
Xavier Hawk
M. Johnston
A. Ninny Another month of great Mini-comp activity is drawing to a close, but before we put it in our rear-view mirrors once and for all I figured I'd go out on the street and collect some comments from some of you. I appreciate the candor and detail that Xavier Hawk, M. Johnston, DrPepperMD and Craig have brought to their responses to my questions. Jul-08 PDF TXT
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