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  The first issue of Sextra-Curricular Activities was released in February 2005. What? Never heard of it? Well, that's not too surprising if you haven't been around for awhile since the newsletter went through a few changes during its initial few months. The original editor was Markaedw and with the help of contributing authors A. Bomire, A. Ninny, and BBBen he put together a very fine newsletter indeed.

Three months later in May 2005 Markaedw decided to step down as editor and turned the reigns over to A. Ninny. In August 2005 the name was officially change to Inside Erin. This is the state in which we find the newsletter to this day. A. Ninny (with the help of others, some the same and some new) is still releasing issue after issue of Inside Erin and that is something that we should all be thankful for.

In the last two and a half years they have given us a lot of good information but having such a volume of info can make it a tad hard to find something you may be looking for. It was with this in mind that I decided to set up this list. It is a topical index of all the articles, reviews, interviews, stories, etc that have appeared in the newsletter since its inception. In each case I have added two links that will take you to either the PDF or TXT format of the issue in which that article appears. If you would like a simple list of the contents by issue you can find it at the newsletter website here. The index on this site is for those who are either looking for a specific article, review, whatever, or those who want to see a complete list of all the articles in a particular section at a glance.

Since nearly every issue contains both a letter from the editor and BBBen's "This Month in AIF" I did not put them in the list. However, if you have the time it is rather interesting to go back and read some of these since they give a good idea of what was going on in the community at any given point.

It is my hope that this index will be a help to all those out there looking for information on the hobby we all share. If you have any comments or find errors or omissions please let me know and I'll correct the problem as quickly as possible.

I have tried to organize the articles into somewhat logical categories although it was not always easy to know where to put a particular piece.

Game Reviews and Interviews should be fairly self-explanatory.

Writing AIF - These are articles that have to do with, wait for it, "writing AIF" in one way or another. Interesting reading even if you've never written a game.

Features - This is where I put things like "The Seven Seas of Theah" and "Green Summer" that span multiple issues.

Awards and Competitions - These are all the articles that have to do with announcements, results, or discussions of comps or the Erin Awards.

Other Articles - As hard as I tried I simply had to have a miscellaneous category to catch things that didn't fit anywhere else.

O Erin! - This is just a brief description of and link to the "O Erin!" comic strip.



Game Reviews Page 1
Interviews Page 2
Writing AIF Page 3
Features Page 4
Awards and Competitions Page 5
Other Articles Page 6
O Erin (comic strip) Page 7

Mission Statement

Inside Erin is written and published by people who enjoy AIF. It is done for fun, but we also have some goals that we seek to achieve through the newsletter:

1. To encourage the production of more quality AIF games by providing advice from game developers, and by offering constructive criticism that is specifically relevant to AIF.

2. To encourage activity and growth in the AIF community. We aim to generate a constant level of activity so that there aren't long periods in which people can lose interest in AIF.

3. To help document and organize the AIF community. This is done through reporting on games and events, as well as by helping to organize community-wide activities such as competitions and the yearly Erin Awards.