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As hard as I tried I just couldn't make every article fit into one of the categories that I had set up. So here is a list of everything else. Just like in the Writing AIF section, the summaries below were written by me and if you have any problems with them then you can shove it up your -- I mean, let me know and I'll fix it.

Article Title Author Summary of the Article Issue PDF TXT
Rap's Proposal Rap Rap proposes to split discussions between the Yahoo site and AGX (alt.games.xtrek). AGX would be for programming questions and Yahoo for game hints, walkthroughs, etc. Feb-05 PDF TXT
Why a Newsletter A. Ninny A. Ninny talks about why we need a newsletter and what it means to the AIF community. Apr-05 PDF TXT
Our Mission Markaedw Markaedw talks about the mission of the newsletter. Apr-05 PDF TXT
AIF: Does It Have To Be Any Good? David Whyld David Whyld sums up an argument that seems to crop up every so often. Do AIF games really need to be 'good', free of bugs, etc. Or, since they are free for the taking should we just be happy with what we get? Apr-05 PDF TXT
Drawing Board Richard Gillingham This humorous, tongue-in-cheek report takes a look at some (hopefully) fictitious ideas for AIF games that never made it off the drawing board. Jul-05 PDF TXT
Two Views: AIF's Acceptability to IF Choices and David Whyld Choices and David Whyld explore some ideas of why AIF may or may not ever be accepted in the wider IF community. Jul-05 PDF TXT
AGX: The End of an Era? A. Bomire A. Bomire ponders the lack of participation on AGX (alt.games.xtrek) and what this means to the community at large. Jan-06 PDF TXT
AIFGames.com Introduced Sexton Sexton introduces everyone to a new site that will hopefully become the new one stop shopping place for all things AIF. Mar-06 PDF TXT
Playing Old Games with DOSBox A. Bomire A. Bomire reviews DOXBox, a program used to run older games that have troubles running on newer, faster computers. Mar-06 PDF TXT
Open Letter to Literotica Community BBBen Realizing that the Literotica community is much, much larger than the AIF community BBBen writes a letter inviting them to take a look at what we have to offer. Mar-06 PDF TXT
AIF Wayside BBBen BBBen discusses some game ideas that he has had over the years that have (for one reason or another) fallen by the wayside. Apr-06 PDF TXT
A review of Gargoyle A. Bomire Gargoyle is an IF interpreter that will supposedly run any game, no matter what language it was written in. A. Bomire tells us if it's all it's cracked up to be. Dec-06 PDF TXT
What's Happening in AIF A. Bomire A. Bomire examines some of the reasons that we are seeing a decline in the number of games released and what this means for AIF in general. Sep-07 PDF TXT
Summary of Vachon Reviews Purple Dragon General thoughts on Vachon's games and the reviews of them in the newsletter. Oct-07 PDF TXT
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