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This is a tutorial written to the first time author presenting one way that you might go about writing a one night stand type game. Much of the information in the first three parts is general and may be helpful even in writing other types of games. These make no mention of programming and instead concentrate on writing the text of the game so they will be equally helpful (or unhelpful) no matter what platform you decide to go with. Starting with part 4, the focus changes to sort of a basic Inform 7 tutorial, still focusing on creating your first, basic game. Even if you have written a game before there may still be helpful information sprinkled in and if nothing else, it could give you a good chuckle at my expense.

When this was published in the newsletter I offered to help anyone who wanted it with anything they needed to get the game done. From someone to just bounce ideas off of, to reading the entire text of the game. I am making the same offer here. If I can help, let me know.

There are two ways you can access the information. The first is to click on the part that you are interested in to read it here on the site. If you prefer, you can download a zip in the files section that contains all the current installments of the tutorial.

Introduction - This is just a little discussion about what this tutorial strives to do and how you can get the most out of it.

Part 1 - Talks about setting up the initial environment (rooms and objects) and describing the main NPC.

Part 2 - Gets a little more into character development including a brief overview of conversational systems. Discusses the idea of the basic plot of the game or how the player gets to the sex, which in this case amounts to the same thing. Talks about the main sex scene, focusing on writing some responses to basic commands to start getting a feel for the scene.

Part 3 - Part three basically goes back over some of the topics discussed in parts one and two, adding a bit more depth and some things to think about to help round out the game and fill in some holes. It also includes very basic discussions of clothing systems and arousal system vs. cut scene approach to the sex scene.

Part 4 - In a Part 4 we start to examine how to actually take all the text that has been written in the first three parts and put it together into a game.  The focus is on how to create basic rooms and objects in Inform 7.  How they work, what they are made up from and how to get them to act the way they should.

Part 5 - Now we're starting to get down to it. This part deals with the thing we're all the most interested in: sex. It walks you though one of the many ways that you can use Inform 7 to actually program the sex in your game.

Part 6 - This part discusses some of the different clothing systems you can use and shows how to use probably the simplest of them.

Part 7 - We wrap things up with a discussion of conversational systems and a few words about testing your game.

Files - Here you can download a zip file containing all current installments of the tutorial as well as the extension that I mention in the tutorial and a small sample game.
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