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The following are just a few short stories that I have written. Most of them were for entries in the "Beat the Staff" contest hosted by Inside Erin but there are a couple of others as well.

Beat the Staff Entries

For those who haven't seen this in the newsletter, the 'Beat the Staff' competition is a contest where members of the newsletter staff compete against anyone in the community who wants to submit an entry. The challenge is to write a single cut scene based on the topic for that month and it must start with the command that triggered the scene. It's a good way for new authors to get their feet wet and I encourage you to check it out and submit an entry.

Beat the Staff 1 - 5 Seconds
For the first in this series, the challenge was to write a complete cut scene that covers just 5 seconds of time. I must say that it was quite a challenge but a lot of fun as well. My entry led to "The Orgy" live AIF that appeared on I also had the honor of beating the staff the first time out of the gates. No mean feat considering how good some of the other entries were and I was honored indeed.

Beat the Staff 2 - X Chick
For the second installment the task was to write a description of a girl (or guy). I think this was an easier topic than the first and it generated some hot entries. Unfortunately, mine wasn't one of them and I didn't do nearly as well in the standings this month. Even though I knew my entry wouldn't do well I still had to send it in. The idea just came to me and I couldn't get rid of it.

Beat the Staff 2 1/2 - Orgasm
I think that the topic for the third comp intimidated a few people (I know it did me). The challenge was to write a description of the PC or an NPC (or both) having an orgasm. How do you write a single cut scene about such a large topic and make it the hottest you've ever written? In the end, I decide to go with quirky instead of hot and got what I thought was a pretty cute (if a bit out there - A. Ninny's comment) idea. Unfortunately only BBBen and myself submitted entries that month and the contest was dropped for lack of participation (thus the '2 1/2' above). Here for the first time is that lost entry.

Beat the Staff 3 - Watch
For the 'real' third comp the challenge was to write a voyeuristic scene of some kind. This one was embraced by many more authors and there were some very hot scenes.

Beat the Staff 4 - Carlotta Champagne
This month the challenge was to base a cut scene on a real model. A. Ninny provided links to sites with pictures of the lovely lady and the rest was left to the authors' imagination. I was very happy to win this one, making me not only the first person to win two of them, but also the first to win one as both staff and non-staff. Ok, so not only am I tooting my own horn here but there have only been four so far, so maybe this wasn't such an amazing accomplishment but hey, I've got to take what I can get right?

Other Stories

Archie's Birthday
This is the story that started it all. It was my first attempt at writing Adult Non-Interactive Fiction and it predates my discovery of AIF by a couple of years. When I started writing games I remembered this story and thought it might make a good game. If you've played my Archie game then this story will definitely sound familiar. If you haven't then this should give you an idea of whether or not you want to. Reading it now, I cringe a bit at sections of it but have resisted the temptation of editing it. The story here
(for better or worse) is the same one I wrote all those years ago.

You Can Fly, 
You Can Fly, You Can Fly!
Rumor has it that these were the original lyrics for that famous song from Peter Pan but Walt took one look at them and decided they weren't quite what he was going for in the movie. In all seriousness, my apologies to anyone ever affiliated with Peter Pan for this rude and completely unauthorized re-write of a classic song.

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