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Just that one word and then silence.

You look around the room and see your friends frozen in place like a living, breathing photograph.  20 or so people crammed into your living room and not a stitch of clothing in sight on any of them.

They really went all out for this one you think as your eyes are assaulted by a hundred streamers and balloons in red, yellow, green, and blue.  There are two tables set up at the side of the room.  One contains what looks to be every alcoholic beverage known to man while the other holds a formidable collection of sex toys.  Dildos and vibrators of every shape and size, handcuffs, rope, blindfolds, nipple clamps, collars, and a huge punch bowl full of condoms in more different colors that the steamers.

You had been planning on grabbing something to eat and watching the game but it appears that your plans have changed, and very much for the better.  You let your eyes roam across the photograph in front of you.  There's Lisa, front and center; she would have been the main organizer of the event.  She has a bright smile frozen on her face and is standing with hands on hips, legs spread slightly apart, and those incredible tits of hers jutting right out toward you, begging to be touched.

You'll have to get right to that in a second but first, let's see who else is here?  There's Mary and Susan on the couch with their lips locked together.  Mary has her hand on one of Susan's tits and is exerting quite a bit of pressure if the amount of Susan's large breast trying to escape between her fingers is any indication.  Mary has her legs spread wide apart and who is that in between them?  Yes, Jackie always did have a preference for muff diving, although to be fair, she also gives one hell of a blowjob.

Speaking of blowjobs, There’s Drew standing behind the couch cupping one of her huge tits in both hands with her lips locked around her nipple.  Damn that girl can suck cock.  You would swear that she could suck a golf ball through a straw if given half a chance and a good enough reason.

Next to Mary on the couch is John with a huge sloppy grin on his face. You can't really blame him for that as you look down and notice his cock imbedded in Laura's sweet little pussy.  Hmm, it looks like she's shaved since the last time you saw her.  She is facing you and her smile is as big as his.  It probably has something to do with that thing sticking her between the legs and John's hands on her tits.  Laura has the smallest tits in the group, not even a whole handful, but man can you make her sing if you play them right.

There's Amy, the acrobat of the group, showing off again.  She is doing a handstand and her legs are spread apart forming a V.  Mike is holding her up with his hands on her legs and his face buried between them.  You’ve tried positions with Amy that you could have sworn were physically impossible.  To say that she’s flexible would be a tremendous understatement.

You smile as you look next to the couch and see a human pyramid made up of three girls.  Sure it’s not a very big pyramid but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in other areas.  The girls are on their hands and knees, facing away from you so you can’t see their faces but you would recognize those asses anywhere.  It’s Mandy, Mindy, and Meagan.  They are not only sisters, but triplets and a lot of people have trouble telling them apart but even from this angle you have no problems.  That’s Mandy on the right with the cute little birthmark on her left cheek.  The first time you saw it you teased her about it being a hickey and before the night was over you had given her a matching mark on the other cheek.  It’s long since faded away by now but the memories linger.  Meagan is on the top and you can tell it’s her since she is a good 20 pounds lighter than her sisters are.  You have mixed feelings about the diet that she has been on for the last few months.  She looks great but some of the weight has dropped from her tits and ass, which is not necessarily a good thing.  Well, any way you look at it, all three sisters are hot and extremely energetic.  The first time you had them all the same night you could barely walk straight the next day.

You look around for Rachel, your girlfriend and finally spot her to the side of the room.  It took a second since you can't see her face.  She currently has Steve's cock in her mouth and all you can see is his ass.  You look down and see that she's started fast tonight.  In addition to Steve in her mouth she is sitting on Mitch who has her impaled on his cock.  As if that's not enough she is holding Gary and Bob in either hand and, frozen or not, they can't quite stops their rods from twitching slightly in her grip.  You chuckle to yourself at the sight.  She is evidently trying to shock you but the only thing you would change if you could would be to add your own cock to the mix.  She doesn't appear to be doing anything with her ass at the moment, hmm.

Time ticks by as you study the picture of carnal excess on display before you and while it has only been a few seconds since you entered you can already see the strain on the faces of some of your friends.  They remain still and silent, waiting for you to speak the ritual words that will get things started again.  Well, who are you to hold things up?  Kicking the door closed behind you, you reach out for Lisa's waiting breasts as you say, "Let the games begin."

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